The Mama's Way

Sept 2022

Know + believe in yourself as a Mother | Creator

Learn to live and love by your values + your worthiness.

Trust in your body. Become an ally to your emotions.

Create your own meaningful rituals for yourself + your family.

Tend to your nervous system so you can discern + make clear conscious choices for yourself, your family and/or the ways you show up to the community.

We Explore

Our relationship with Earth.

Our body, grounding, safety, comfort + stability.

Looking to our lineage for clues, guidance + connection to the land + practices that support growth and ease.

Honour your timing, and who/what came before.

Celebrate your creative capacity in all forms.

Learn how to track energy. How to re-Source.

Guidance tools.

Energetics, Emotions, Boundaries. Re-patterning.

Empowerment tools for co-creating.

Heart Medicine - Reciprocity - Reclamation.

Joy / Greif.

Autonomy, Sovereignty Advocacy + Guidance for all Mothers

In joining TMW, you access:

6 week curriculum

Supportive community

Interactive manual

Supplementary audio + video content

Private platform forum for discussion + process

Community + access to the ancient wisdom of women

The art of Inner Alchemy

1-1 Guidance / Support

Quantum Bio Resonance transmission


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